Under the Weather, Under the Influence


a morose dog in snow

Winter is over, isn't it? rawpixel.com


It seems safe now to talk about the weather. No more donning double layers of long underwear. No more chanting my winter mantra, 'Stay Vertical'. And no more dog booties! The freedom! The joy! I recently heard radio interviews raving about ...

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What's with the bank account?


A piggy bank: one way of looking at our relationship with dogs



I ask this question partly because of the time of year; some of us are wondering how to pay rent, given recent seasonal expenses. A few weeks ago a financial wiz on CBC radio told hapless holiday shoppers that Christmas budgets should be drawn ...

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The Charge! of the Off-Leash Brigade


Dogs in mid-chase


When out strolling with a group of dogs, I am often given a wide birth. Some people even recoil, with frowny faces, and display other signs of discomfort or disapproval. At such moments I want to wear a T-shirt with the slogan "I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FEAR ...

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the thinker, the statue, and the thinker, the dog


I recently read about a study that demonstrated how our brains make decisions at least 7 seconds before we are conscious of making them. In the exciting laboratory experiment, the decision in question was to push one of two buttons. Based on brain imaging data, researchers could predict what choice people would make before ...

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The Dog Training World: science is BIG

A jack russell equipped for a safari holds a globe. 

I've fallen behind in my blogging; my excuse is that I'm spending much more of my time these days in the Dog Training World (DTW). Like any other community or specialized subculture, DTW has its own idiosyncrasies. As someone who has already explored several brave, if ...

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