How smart is this dog? How dumb is this question?


Cute dog with food puzzle.

Food puzzles aim to stimulate the mind (and slow the mouth). Trixie Dog Activity Poker Box 1,


When walking the dogs, I'm often approached by people imagining life with a dog of their own. After ...

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Humming with hormones


The ancient Mim revived

The ancient Mim would revive whenever she went into heat.

Dog culture, like kid culture, changes over time. When I was growing up, "looking after the dog" meant that everyone neutered their dogs, and noone walked them. Or not every day, anyway. That's what yards were for.

Now we walk our ...

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Love buzz


Notley, dressed in her (completely unnecessary) red winter coat, glares at the camera. 

This is not the look of love. This is the look of a dog who hates clothes, even on Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day has come and gone, uncelebrated except for the card I sent my nephew, which read "You're the shitzu" (he's too old for Valentine's Day cards ...

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a sleepy beagle yawns

Our dogs are rarely more tired than we are. 

In the past year, Dominique, a close friend of mine, and Susan, my mother, have adopted puppies: a high-energy English cocker and a semi-manic Portuguese water dog, respectively. Both aforementioned humans now nap at every opportunity, are unable to finish 'serious' novels, and don't ...

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When can I get mad at my dog?

 Obie, a large and lively puppy

Don't be fooled: Obie is a handful.  

I told my friend Kim that I was writing a post exploring when we can get mad at our dogs. "All the time," she said promptly. Kim has a very large 7 month old puppy, Obie, who oscillates between ...

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