Pet projections -- my dogs, my shrinks


McCracken outside my therapist's office 

McCracken as we leave my therapist's (he's sad the session's over)

I've learned a lot about my therapists (yes, plural - it's a lifelong learning project) from their attitudes to my dogs.  Joseph Burgo, a clinical psychologist, has written that he's come to see ...

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Family patter(ns) - how we talk to our dogs

Foo and MackCrack

Mack Crack and Foo, good looking in a subtle way, and always a sceptical audience.

My mother would be the first to tell you that I am bright but not brilliant. I call her the Queen of the Qualified Compliment. And when I talk to the ...

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On being a dog walking billionaire

Dog walking billionaire

The billionaire and her car, aka her bundle buggy. Photo by Ann McBride.

Back in the day, I was watching The Young and the Restless, and Victoria, who was pregnant, said to Brad, the presumptive father, "I don't care if our child grows up to be a doctor ...

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The Pushkin Papers: One

Pushkin looks sidewise


I walk into the apartment with Pushkin in a small purple crate tucked under my arm.  At eight weeks, she's got that rank puppy smell.  Notley and McCracken take a deep whiff: very exciting, hysteria-inducing, even. The two hour, take-the-edge off walk they got earlier in the day may ...

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Quirks and idiotsyncrasies

"Every dog is in certain respects like all other dogs, like some other dogs, and like no other dog."

- Adapted from Brian R. Little's Me, Myself and Us: who in turn adapted from Clyde Kluckhohn's and Henry A. Murray's Personality in Nature, Society and Culture.

Notley's quirk

One of Notley's ...

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