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We have been shuttered for Dog Walking Services since April 10. Please contact us if you would like to go on the Dog Walking wait list, or to inquire about  Training Services, at 



Dog Walking

We walk dogs, we train dogs, and we love dogs! The Fleabag dog walkers are affectionate, reliable, and trained in positive reinforcement methods. We offer on-leash walks in the Annex and Seaton Village. 

As a company, we stand out because we

  • have more than 15 years experience in the dog walking business
  • use positive reinforcement methods
  • offer training as well as walking
  • offer puppy play sessions
  • offer group walks no larger than five
  • offer private and semi-private walks
  • are insured and licensed


Options/ Prices


 One hour walks

 Group, 4-5 dogs: $18

 Semi-Private, 2-3 dogs: $24  

 Private/Solo: $28

Puppy Play Sessions, 2-4 dogs: $24


Half-hour walks 

Semi-Private, 2-3 dogs: $16

 Private/Solo: $22

 Puppy Visits: Half hour: $20, discounts for multiple bookings


Prices for walks with pick up times before 11am, after 4pm, or on weekends may vary.


If you're in the Annex/Seaton Village area and you need a dog walker at least twice a week, please send an email to,

or text 416-964-1915.   

Dog Training

Available in downtown Toronto

Our in-your-home dog training program uses playful, positive exercises designed to foster clear communication and a strong bond between you and your pet.  The skills focused on are simple: sit, lie down, stay, come, and loose-leash walking.  The Fleabag aims to provide a basis for enthusiastic, life-long learning for you and your dog in a convenient and affordable way. $75 per session or 3 sessions for $200.

NB. There are many advantages to taking your dog to a local positive reinforcement training school, including more socialization while learning, or help with behavioural problems. Feel free to contact us to discuss what kind of training best meets the needs of your dog, and to get a referral. 

A FREE training session is available for dogs from recognized rescue organizations to help them settle in with their new families.

Click here for general information about positive reinforcement dog training, courtesy of the U.S. Humane Society 



The treats are tiny, but according to the dogs, frequency of treats matters more than size.


Whether you are mystified or overwhelmed by your new puppy, or you have an older dog whom you want to help age gracefully, we can help. Based on our years of experience, we can offer advice about your dog's health, behaviour, exercise needs, and diet, or any other concerns you may have, and in addition point you towards the best local services and resources.

Contact: 416-964-1915 or


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