When can I get mad at my dog?

 Obie, a large and lively puppy

Don't be fooled: Obie is a handful.  

I told my friend Kim that I was writing a post exploring when we can get mad at our dogs. "All the time," she said promptly. Kim has a very large 7 month old puppy, Obie, who oscillates between ...

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Relationship rescue 

 book reviews of Lessons from Tara and The Education of Will


A smart dog wears eyeglasses when s/he reads

Photo by Ryan McGuire, Gratisography.  


I read books about dogs to learn new ways to think about the species (my noble motive) and to compare my life to other dog people's (my narcissistic one). I usually cry intermittently while reading them ...

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The Family Jewels


Burton, the nose, the portrait featuring the nose

Burton, the nose, the portrait featuring the nose.

I was looking at my puppy's balls the other night. Not deliberately, of course. McCracken was sprawled on his back, with his rear end positioned on the edge of my pillow, his junk gleaming pink-black in my peripheral vision. His balls, according to ...

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Pleasure vs. Danger

"The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety." 
— Goethe 


Bark magazine

Looks like fun: The Bark Magazine (cover photo by Clever Barbosa, B2CFotos).

If I had to pick a phrase from the dog subculture that I really dislike (besides "micro dog") it would be "responsible dog ownership." What a killjoy expression ...

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Canine jealousy

green-eyed monster or major motivator? 


McCracken sports a rainbow collar

Out and Proud: McCracken in his rainbow collar. 

It was recently Pride Month in Toronto, and McCracken still sports a rainbow collar. He's a proud bisexual. He likes to hump females and to lick junk, though not simultaneously. His pack mate, Notley, is not wearing a Pride ...

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