Hazel, one of the most attractive of the Annex doodles. Not that it's all about looks.

Dog Walking in the Toronto Annex

I work in the Annex, a neighbourhood in TO with yards the size of postage stamps and a predilection for golden doodles. (At least get some black ones, people! There are too many blondes in this neighbourhood). 

To the Annex's credit, there are tons of dogs. And dog walkers. 

I take dogs for one hour, on-leash walks in the company of other neighbourhood dogs. I've been walking dogs for fifteen years and yes, it's the best job in the universe, even in the winter. I use lots of treats and positive reinforcement. Very infrequently, I use an oscar-the-grouch-ish growl; according to one client, "Not everyone is willing to use that kind of voice in public." I'm not willing to either, but sometimes it escapes me anyway -- like when a cat runs directly into the dog pack.

If you're in the Annex/Seaton Village area and you need a dog walker at least twice a week, please send me an email:

I do not board dogs, but work closely with people who do, and I facilitate boarding arrangements for the dogs I walk. 


The treats are tiny, but according to the dogs, frequency of treats matters more than size.


Also, should you need to confer with someone who is not a vet, not a certified trainer, and not a pet nutritionist -- c'est moi! I hold strong but possibly useful opinions about dog health, behaviour and diet, all based on my semi-vast experience, and a lot of reading. Whether you are mystified or overwhelmed by your new puppy, or you have an older dog whom you want to help age gracefully, I can help. PWYC.