Hazel, one of the most attractive of the Annex doodles. Not that it's all about looks.

Dog Walking in the Toronto Annex

I work in the Annex, a neighbourhood in TO with yards the size of postage stamps and a predilection for golden doodles.

To the Annex's credit, there are tons of dogs. And dog walkers. 

I take dogs for one hour, on-leash walks in the company of other neighbourhood dogs. I've been walking dogs for fifteen years and yes, it's the best job in the universe, even in the winter. I use lots of treats and positive reinforcement. 

If you're in the Annex/Seaton Village area and you need a dog walker at least twice a week, please send me an email:



The treats are tiny, but according to the dogs, frequency of treats matters more than size.


Also, should you need to confer with someone who is not a vet, not a certified trainer, and not a pet nutritionist -- c'est moi! I hold strong but possibly useful opinions about dog health, behaviour and diet, all based on my semi-vast experience, and a lot of reading. Whether you are mystified or overwhelmed by your new puppy, or you have an older dog whom you want to help age gracefully, I can help. PWYC.