About Us


 Dog collage

Mason & the dogs out and about in the Annex 

Mason Small loves living in the Annex with her three mutts and her two (very dog-like) cats. She has walked dogs for more than 15 years in the Annex and Seaton Village, and enjoys meeting all the local dogs with their human companions and learning about their lives together. 

In the past couple of years she has begun training dogs in basic behaviours, from crate training to loose-leash walking. She also works with dogs who have mild behavioral issues (on-leash reactivity, rescue dogs adjusting to their new environment, recall problems, barking). Her training focuses on relationship building, clear communication, and mutual appreciation. She uses positive reinforcement techniques. 

Mason is the owner of The Fleabag Dog Care Company, and a dog blogger. The Fleabag Dog Blog is anecdotal, humorous and not intentionally educational. 


 John and his dog Emma.

Emma and John


John Kociszewski has been walking dogs in the Annex for almost a year and is loving it! He does many of The Fleabag's private and semi-private walks, often in the company of his own puppy Emma. (Emma is our Goodwill Ambassador, promoting friendly relations among all living beings). John and Emma are currently enrolled in positive reinforcement foundation classes to learn more about training methods, and promise to share what they discover with Emma's puppy pals.