hiding behind Pushkin

Me with Pushkin, the latest dog to join my home pack.

I'm a dog walker and huge dog fan. Currently I live with three dogs, two cats, and, I hope, no fleas. 

I started this blog to cover the fun and idiosyncratic aspects of our lives with dogs. The Fleabag is anecdotal, humorous and not intentionally educational.  I post general pieces about dogs and dog walking every two weeks; intermittently I post updates about the latest puppy to join the household, Pushkin.

Feel free to send me ideas to write about -- no topic is too traumatic or trivial. 


Tell me about your experiences with dogs. I'm grateful for every story and shred of insight.

If you're writing because you have a tale to share, or because your dog is fabulous, humour is welcome but not essential. 

If you're writing because you're irritated or just plain opinionated (and you're using words like "inappropriate" and "frankly"), please keep in mind humour is a prerequisite. Aim for the same friendly tone you use when you talk to your dog.

My three dogs: McCracken, Notley and Pushkin
My three dogs: McCracken, Notley and Pushkin